Linear Actuator V9

Motor Type 24V DC
Transmission ACME
Push Strength maximum 2000 N
Pull Strength maximum 2000 N
Speed maximum 19mm/sec at no load
Stroke standard 100-400 mm or customized
Front attachment clevis plastic or metal clevis
Front attachment clevis drilled holes in tube
Current maximum 2.5A @ 24V DC
Compatibility control box without sensor TB / BCS1 / BCS2 / BC3 / BC6
Compatibility control box with sensor BC3 / BC4 / BCS2
Duty cycle 20% (1 mn continuous operation in 5mn )
Ambien Temperature -20°C / +65°C
Protection grade IP55
Cable / connector type L=300mm with DIN connector or tinned wires
Color Grey (RAL7035)

Download datasheet : V9-UK