Our range

umec-quaiOur actuator sets are used in different areas; each of them has its own constraints of use and ability to adapt to specific environments.

We have developed 4 ranges to respond appropriately to the technical requirements of each type of application:

  • The Pratic range equips the applications in the Furniture field: relax beds, reclining chairs, office and kitchen furniture, hair-dressing salon chairs, workstations, etc.
    This range provides comfort and ergonomics within compact installation dimensions.
  • The Medic range is dedicated to the Medical and Paramedical field: physiotherapy couches, patient lifts, standing frames, treatment chairs, Home-care beds, etc.
    The functionality of these products provides both support to caregivers and safety for patients.
  • The Tecnic range is suitable for systems used outdoors and/or in harsh operating conditions: farming and construction machinery, heavy-duty and specialized vehicles, military devices, solar panels, etc.
    This range ensures strength and durability in time to the user and in any kind of weather (water, humidity, temperature changes, projections …)
  • Finally, the Domotic range enables to motorize Home and Workplace equipment: entrance gates, garage doors, swimming pool housings, windows and shutters, etc.
    Automating the daily tasks makes life easier for people and can also partially compensate in disability or dependency situations.

umec-atelierIn each range several versions and options are proposed in order to adjust and customize our actuator sets according to each client’s demand: thrust capability, dimensions, protection grade, functions (synchronization, battery power-supply, movements lock-out, etc.), type of control (wired, radiofrequency, foot-switch, etc.)

To conclude, our products are tested and certified according to the EU regulations and standards in force (EMC, LVD, RoHs, etc.) and they comply with the CE criteria.