Umec, specialist in linear electric actuators

umecAn actuator is a mechanical system that turns power into motion: this is the best solution for lifting any type of heavy load.

At UMEC we have chosen the electrical power from the impulse of a Direct Current motor to operate our actuators.

The linear electrical actuator is based on an assembly with a spindle and a nut, the latter being driven by the DC motor.

gpaoMany adjustable specifications are possible to determine the stroke, the thrust capability and the speed (power and rotating speed of the motor, pitch of the spindle thread, diameter of the push rod, etc.).

The linear electrical actuator offers several advantages:

  • it is convenient and provides comfort, rapidity and safety while in use,
  • the installation is easy and smooth: just a Mains Power plug is necessary,
  • it almost does not need any maintenance and it respects the environment (it is non-polluting and its power consumption is very small),
  • It often stands for an economical alternative compared to other actuator types (hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.)

umec-techThanks to our skills in Mechanics and Electronics, we have developed a large range of electrical motors integrating various models of actuators, control boxes, controls and accessories.

Our know-how and our extended range have enabled us to become a reliable and competitive supplier for many applications in the areas of Furniture, Medical, Home automation, Industry and Farming.